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Apr 16, 2009

The ideal schizophrenic actuary

According to Philip Zimbardo, human beings - that includes actuaries - develop a specific attitude towards time (Time perspective).

In The Time paradox Zimbardo explains that people turn out to be primarily past, present or future orientated. Each perspective has a detailed orientation (focus):

Based on research and his own definition of a 'healthy thinkstyle' in life , Zimbardo developed an ideal time perspective score (red dots):

If you wonder what your Time perspective score is, take the test:

Actuary Time Perspective Paradox
Probably we all more or less agree with the position of the red dots as definition of the ideal situation. However, as an actuary it is our job (duty) to focus exactly on the opposites of that ideal situation.

In order to achieve a sound advice, we have to look seriously at the negative past experiences. We can't afford to dwell in hedonism or to deny a fatalistic view in the present, we have to be realistic!.
And last but not least it's our professional responsibility to estimate the future in a prudent way.

The 'Actuary Time Perspective Paradox' challenge is to develop an ideal personal time perspective with regard to our personal lives and an opposite professional time perspective at the same time, as it comes down to our professional life as an actuary.

So, keep being a happy ideal schizophrenic actuary!