Oct 2, 2016

Leadership and Actuaries

It's more than a year now, since I've posted a blog at Actuary-Info. During this year I fully focused on the market launch of the Fintech startup Symetrics. Now, with more time in pocket I'll pick up 'actuarial blogging' again.

Last summer Reinier Roosen, Managing director of FTE in the Netherlands, asked me to give a presentation about Leadership and Actuaries at the yearly seminar of 'Actuarieel Podium' (translated: 'Actuarial Stage') on september 27, 2016 in Zeist, the Netherlands.

Incomplete data
One of the key slides of this presentation discusses the power of actuaries to cope with incomplete data (missing information) in big data sets. here it is, take good look!

Do you think something's missing in the above slide?

Think again please....

Altough a presentation is in no way ever represented by the corresponding slides (slides are always just supportive), I would like to give you an impression of my presentation in PowerPoint style.

In the coming blogs I'll discuss the main topics that are mentioned in this presentation, more in depth.

Main Messages
Summarized my main messages in this presentation are:

  1. Take more responsibility: Socially, Personally
    • Widen the area of influence
    • Grow and spend more time on your personal and professional network
    • Intensify cooperation with other disciplines
  2. Strengthen ‘Soft Skills’
    • Communication skills, power to convince, master principles, self-reflection
    • Empathy power: understanding social dynamics, stakeholders & clients
  3. Innovation
    • Build up new client-central products with new adequate regulation principles
    • Innovation can be stimulated by making implicit conditions, explicit
  4. Adjust professional methods and education
    • Develop new ‘board decision models’
    • From ‘Believes’ to ‘What If, Given Conditions x|y|x’
    • From ‘Long term uncertain estimates’ to ‘Short term recipes’
    • Including systemic, parameter and model risk
    • Anticipating on economic and behavioral effects and scenarios
    • Based on early warning indicators instead of trigger points

Final Presentation
Enjoy the presentation and give me feedback at jos.berkemeijer@gmail.com.

The presentation is best (better) viewed:

- at Slideshare at https://goo.gl/ZT4wWM
- as a movie on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4StprG3YaI

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