Actual Country Bond Rates

Country Bond Interest Rates are vital in making investment decisions. These time and term related rates reflect implicit information about the financial and economic situation (inflation, default risk, etc.) of a specific country. Comparing relative bond interest rates across countries supports the discussion, insight and - ultimate -  the quality of the investment decision making process itself.

So Key question is : Which Bond would you bet on?

This Actuary-Info Page presents you a worldwide overview of the most important Country Bond Interest Rates.

The (updated) data are provided by Bloomberg and with help of Google Spreadsheets translated into actual information.

White spots in the table imply, there's no (Bloomberg) data available.

Please take serious notice of the general Disclaimer that applies here at Actuary-Info and the special disclaimer at the end of this blog.

More information about the worrying 2012bond rates situation can be found on Worldwide Country Bonds Overview 2012.

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Update 2013 
Bloomberg stopped publishing a lot of bond rates. That's why several bond rates are missing. Sorry.

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