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Oct 22, 2008

How European are we?

Two demographers, Wolfgang Lutz and IIASA’s Vegard Skirbekk, teamed up with a political scientist Sylvia Kritzinger investigated (2006) the emergence of a sense of European identity.

On the question "How European are you?" they got these results:

Country Expressing


Luxemburg 78%
Italy 72%
France 68%
Spain 64%
Belgium 59%
Netherlands 59%
Germany 56%
Denmark 54%
Ireland 53%
Austria 51%
Portugal 50%
Greece 46%
Sweden 45%
Finland 43%
UK 40%

They analyzed and extrapolated the trends found in the Eurobarometer surveys from 1995 to 2004 for the EU-15.

What they found is that there's an emergence of multiple identities across different age groups in Europe today.

People are increasingly feeling that they are both nationals of their home country and Europeans as well.