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Sep 9, 2011

Humor: Merkozy, It's too late

Comparing 5 year exchange rates USD/EUR (decline : 17%) and USD/CNY (decline 21%) clearly shows the negative outlook of the US Dollar.

Both U.S. and Europe, are facing severe debt problems they can not solve with more debt.

Desperate actions
President Obama tries to stimulate economy by creating 1.5 mln new jobs with a $ 450 billion investment (American Job Act).

In Europe president Merkel (Germany) and Sarkozy (France) have joint their strengths and totally different characters into 'one personality', to create not only a strong financial but also economic European union.

This new economic union is necessary to establish a firm grip on the measures that weak financial European countries like, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal have to take to recover from their debt.

It's too late
Unfortunately there's no support for such an initiative. Unluckily, no Merkozy will be able to prevent Europe from a financial meltdown.
The  only way out seems a European split in relative strong and weak countries.

Make up your mind on the geographic spread of the assets of your company. Get out before it's too late....

Nov 5, 2008

Value for Money!

Now that Obama will be the next (44th) US president, confidence will rise and we'll get value for money......

That leads to the question of how you measure the Purchasing Power of Money?

The measure most often used, is the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Other comparison series might be preferable, depending on the context of the question.

In fact there are:

Calculate the actual value of a original year 1900 Dollar, Euro, Guilder or Pound and see how you get value for money.