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Mar 6, 2010

OTC Warning

In a 55 minute Pbs-video it becomes clear what kind of serious derivatives (OTC) problems we still have.

Watching this video will dramatically change your view on risks and players in the financial system. If you want to protect yourself on the short term against the effects of what is going on in the skyscrapers of the financial markets: don't watch this video! Don't blame yourself, because it's not 'just funny' to become aware of risks you can't handle anyway....

However, if you are professionally active in investment risk or if you're a member of a (pension fund) Investment Committee, hiding is no option and this video is a good investment and a 'must see'......

Enjoy, shiver, learn.....

If you like big numbers, please look for 15 seconds at the size of the 'Over The Counter' (OTC) Market (Q2 2009):

(are you still with me?)

There's a dutch proverb that states:

a warned person counts for two.....

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