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Oct 25, 2008

World Facts

Just some DYK's as published by the Harvest Field Index and based on the free downloadable CIA World Fact Book 2008.

Do You Know the worlds population size?

Do You Know the world's Average Life Expectancy at Birth?
Answer: 66 years!

Now do you know the answer to the next DYK's?

- Top 3 of biggest continents?
- Top 3 of largest countries?
- Top 3 of biggest world cities?

Just check if your answers are right and you belong to the worldwide best non introvert actuaries,


Biggest continents?
1. Asia 4,002 Million people
2. Africa 934 Million people
3. Europe 730 Million people

Largest countries?
1. China 1,330 Million people
2. India 1,148 Million people
3. United States 304 Million people

Biggest World cities?
1. Tokyo, Japan 35 Million people
2. Mexico City, Mexico 20 Million people
3. New York City, U.S. 19 Million people