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Mar 21, 2010

Country Default Probability

National debts are growing worldwide. It seems we're drowning in a sea of debt. Who's gonna survive?

By experience we know that whenever our gut-feeling takes us for a ride, help of statistical models is necessary to rebalance and get sight at the real problem.

Sovereign Risk Monitor
In this case of 'national debt', the help of CMA's Sovereign Risk Monitor comes in. The CMA Sovereign Risk Monitor identifies and ranks the world’s most volatile sovereign debt issuers according to percentage changes in their 5 year CDS. CMA also calculates the Cumulative Probability of Default (CPD), the 5 year probability of a country being unable to honour its debt obligations.

Let's take a look at the world's most risky countries in Q4 2009:

Yet, the 'Default Landscape' is rapidly changing as becomes clear in CMA's interesting daily 19 March 2010 report showing Greece 'Cumulative Probability of Default' rising to 24.27%.

On the other hand we've got the world's best Countries, with Norway on top....

More actual information is available at CMA (registration required).

Let's hope for the best....

- CMA Sovereign Risk Report for Q4 2009
- Source: CMA
- Latest CMA Update