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Jul 12, 2009

Actuary Core Qualities

Apart from an official outstanding actuarial education, what core qualities does an actuary need to be successful?

Summarized, here are some of the main qualities:
  • Great Mathematical skills and experience
  • Outstanding multi level, oral and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal and social skills
  • Being able to downgrade complex problems to simple decisions to be taken
  • Self-motivated, ambitious, creative, independent, team worker
  • Conflict solving capabilities; Empathic but also decisive
  • Professional integrity, commercial outlook
  • A professional discussion partner for professionals in other areas as Pension, Investment, Health, Risk, Governance, ICT, Finance, Administration, Marketing, HR, Legal & Fiscal affairs, etc.

To put is simply: an actuary has to be a kind of 'White Raven', a 'one in a million professional'.....

However, actuaries are just like humans, they do not only have their core qualities, but also their pitfalls.

Besides, how can you find out what your core quality is?

Core Quality Test

Well, the simple answer is that -thanks to Daniel Ofman - you can find out in a one minute online test what your core quality is.

This test doesn't only defines your core quality, but also your pitfall, challenge and allergy.

Now you know what your qualities and pitfalls are, you may as well start working on them!

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