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Sep 17, 2009

Free Course Finance of Aging

The aging of the population raises numerous economic and financial issues for pension funds, insurance companies and governments.
To take wise decisions, expert knowledge in these organizations is crucial. To provide this knowledge a Dutch organization called Netspar initiated courses on an academic level.

Netspar is an independent network for research, education and knowledge exchange in the field of pensions, aging and retirement.

In 2009 Netspar introduced a new course Master's program Economics and Finance of Aging, that can also be followed individually or in tracks.

To make things even easier, Netspar developed the

Lans Bovenberg, professor ar the Tilburg University, introduces you in the interesting world of Economics and Finance of Aging.

This course is completely free and ca be viewed online.

So, whether you're an actuary or not, if you've got a few spare minutes left a day, don't miss this free course......