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Oct 24, 2008

Demographic Winter

Are we heading for a demographic winter?

Worldwide, birth rates have declined by more than 50% in the past 40 years.

In most of the industrialized world, birth rates are well below replacement level.

Main issue: The decline of the human family.

View the trailer or the complete movie 'Demographic Winter'.

Oct 20, 2008

About actuary Schmidt!

A movie about an actuary? Yes it's true! Nobody else than Jack Nicholson, alias insurance actuary Warren Schmidt, retires at age 66 in the movie "About Schmidt" (2002).

Plot summary
Schmidt retires from his actuary job at the Woodmen of the World insurance company in Omaha, and is given an impersonal retirement dinner at a local steakhouse. He visits his young successor's office to offer his help, but he is not needed. As Schmidt leaves the building, he sees the contents and files of his office in the basement, set out for garbage collectors.

Schmidt describes to his foster child Ndugu his longtime alienation from his wife, who suddenly dies after his retirement. His friends arrive for the funeral. His only daughter Jeannie and her fiancé Randall. Schmidt finds Randell, a water-bed salesman, mediocre and unsuited to his daughter.

Randall recommends the book "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" [not everything in your life has a purpose: Life(You) = God(You) + Randomness] by Harold Kushner to Schmidt.

Perhaps the opposite view from Kirzner [everything in your life has a purpose: Life(You) = God(You) ] of this book would have helped Schmidt more?

Already interested? Read more at Wikipedia or go and see the movie!

Just as Warren Schmidt, we actuaries want to make the difference in life. To do so we have to 'act' as non-conformists.